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Frequently Asked Questions


Are our prices negotiable?

We list our cars online with a best offer price. Sometimes there is a little room to move but not by thousands or even hundreds of dollars. We do not play any numbers game. All our vehicles are offered through dealer only auctions for nearly the same price as we offer them to the public.

Do you take trade-ins?

We take trade-ins on a daily basis. Some people have trade-ins and others do not. A trade-in can be used in place of a down payment or with a down payment.

What type of financing do you have?

We have a lot of different banks, credit unions, and financing companies we work with.

What will my monthly payment be?

Your monthly payment depends on a number of factors. How much the vehicle cost, the value of your trade, down payment, the financial institution used, your credit history, etc.

Do your vehicles come with a warranty?

Our cars/trucks are inspected for defects before they are offered for sale to the public. Some of them do have factory warranty remaining but others do not. Almost all of the ones that do not have factory warranty are eligible for an extended warranty.

What about a vehicle history report?

We offer a vehicle history report on all of the cars we sell. We use Auto Check. Our cars have clean titles and for any of them that have problems (Very few) we inform you of any problems.

What is your policy on deposits?

If you are coming from a distance it is a good idea to leave a deposit. We will need your credit card number to run. If you leave a deposit in person you can use your credit card or cash. Deposits are refundable.

Can I have the car inspected before purchasing?

You are more than welcome to take the car to a mechanic to have it inspected before you buy it. We actually encourage you to do this.

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